Light Therapy Practitioner Certification & Hypnotherapy Certification

Dr. Bunny Vreeland offers Light Therapy Practitioner certification and private Hypnotherapy certification:


Become a Certified Light Therapy Practitioner
through the
Vreeland College of the Healing Arts


Hypnotherapists! Chiropractors! Holistic Therapists! Nurses!


Add this cutting edge technology to YOUR credentials!


Light Therapy benefits sleep, may eliminate many addictions, helps with weight management, pain reduction/elimination

& so much more - no medication, no stimulants!


For more info, contact:

Dr. Bunny Vreeland


Hypnotherapy includes the following individualized sessions:


- Weight Loss

- Smoking Cessation

- Sports Improvement

- Memory & Concentration

- Fears & Phobias

- Stress, Anxiety & Worry

- Depression

- Emotional Control

- Bariatric Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss (restricted Bariatric patients)

- Sexual Dysfunction & Enhancement

- Hypnotic Anesthesiology for Pain Management

- Test Anxiety (DMV, Pilots, the Bar, SAT, etc.)

- Past Life Regression and Therapy

Most insurance accepted

How can Hypnotherapy help you? 
Are you battling with your Weight?

Suffering From Stress?

Are you trying to quit smoking?

Are you lacking Motivation?

Are you in pain?

Are fears and phobias holding you back?

Having test anxiety?

Would you like to improve your sports game?

Do you need help with confidence?

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Vreeland College

of the Healing Arts
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